We’re proud to announce that starting on August 5th, users are eligible to participate in CryptoDrakeball Public sale by filling the form requirements.
What is CryptoDrakeball?

CryptoDrakeball exploits a Play-to-Earn model by issuing DBALL through gameplay, and giving value to player NFTs by increasing their use through future features.

NFTs may be freely traded on the marketplace for DBALL tokens, which can then be traded on exchanges or converted to fiat currency.

The community sale will take place from August 5th at 12:00 UTC to August 6th at 12:00 UTC with the following information:

- Community: 150.000 DBALL, $0.33 per…

💝Congratulations for who buy the characters/items on time

👉After we sale off the items for opening time, we have sold nearly 60,000 DBI
We also decreased the character price to 4,99 DBALL for new users have better entry

After we reach our target, we will set the price back to normal, no more sale-off. Character/Item price will be x3 from current price

🌟Drake Claws packages:
Standard Claw = 5,99 DBALL
Premium Claw = 8,99 DBALL
Luxury Claw = 11,99 DBALL

☀️Armor packages:
Standard Armor = 17,99 DBALL
Premium Armor = 26,99 DBALL
Luxury Armor = 35,99 DBALL

✨Character capsule = 14,99 DBALL

✨We are aware of the congestion of BSC and high gas fee at the moment due to high complexity of gameplay contract. So we allow multiple choices at the same time for items.

✨Use 3–5 Armors/Drake Claws equipped at the same time for one warrior, it costs 3 stamina of each NFT used but the reward is x5 normal. The fee is only a little higher than 1 basic fight (~$1.15)

Statistic Bonus Reward of Armor/Gauntlet item type if choosing all 90% win rate fights, please refer to the table below:

Armor Item is required for entering Namek Defense map

👉Locking Reward Function also goes live in this Update August 26th

⛔️45% fee will be charged for early reward unlock orders. This tax fee will decrease 3% per day. After 15 days, users can withdraw without fee charging

♻️The Lock reward will also be considered as In-game money which you can use to buy Capsules & Items without charging any fee

🔰If your lock reward is not enough, it will automatically deducted in your wallet DBALL balance when buying new capsules/items

In this update, we debut a new type of item which is Armor together with Drake Claw published before. You can see how to buy Items and your inventory when click the Items menu.

📖We will have 3 packages for Armor Item which costs:
+ 5,99 DBALL for Standard Armor
+ 8,99 DBALL for Premium Armor
+ 11,99 DBALL for Luxury Armor

👉The number of items you can buy is infinite.
👉Each item will have its own durability which will be equal to stamina of characters = 12. And the durability will also have cooldown rate of 2 hours/point.

  • Items cannot fight without equipping a warrior
  • Each fight cost 3 durability point of item
  • You can select multiple items combines with 1 warrior and fight at once, so it will save the gas fee but still bring high reward

We have seen three options appear on the map at the opening: Arena — Drake Claw — Namek Defense.

Each map has its own requirement. For example: you will need claws in Claw Map and armors in Namek Defense.

  • On the Arena stage, we still can join the battle with the Characters only without item required. But the reward now is significantly dropped and there will be no bonus.

Drake Claws

  • In the Drake Claw stage, we may equip our warrior with an item called Claw to increase his strength and get more rewards. Please keep in mind that there is no…

  1. The room of spirit include a lot of maps which we will open every day

✅The development of Drake Claws and the Items Marketplace has come to the last round. We only need to fix a few more bugs to ensure the stability of the deployment

✅Stay strong our Warriors, more earnings and more battles are coming in. You will have to fights harder each day to gain reward and grow up

👉By the way, we are also working on the Locking Reward Period which will help slow down the inflation and get more users join us

Crypto DrakeBall

Capsule characters — Fighting and Earn $DBall

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